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How to hide a WooCommerce category from your shop page

For an e-commerce site, the most important page is the shop page where most of the business is done, and where customers can see the products for sale. So the shop page has to be flawless; from presentation to functionality. By default, all the products from all categories will be shown which is fine for […]

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How to Customize the WooCommerce Checkout Page

Customizing the checkout page is one of the best aspects of WooCommerce simply because it’s the page where customers will have to trust you the most. That’s where they will wonder if they really need your product, if you can ship the package quickly and if you won’t just take their money. Usually, when it […]


How To Save High-Quality Images For The Web In Photoshop

Before You SaveThere are a few things that you should check before you save your images. The first is the checking your documents Image Mode and the second is adjusting the Image Size. Here’s how to do both: Image ModeTo check your image mode in Photoshop, go to Image > Mode. Simply put, if you […]


MStore API

The plugin is used for config the Mstore/FluxStore mobile and support RestAPI to connect to the app. Fluxstore is a universal e-commerce app inspired by Flutter framework, made by Google. With the mission of reducing thousands of hours of business spent on designing, developing and testing a mobile app, Fluxstore comes as a complete solution […]


How to Fix the 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress

Are you seeing 500 internal server error in WordPress? Internal server error is one of the most common WordPress errors. Since the error doesn’t give any other information, many beginners find it quite frustrating. In this article, we will show you how to easily fix internal server error in WordPress. How to fix internal server […]


How to Make a WordPress Website

This is a step by step tutorial on how to make a website. We have divided it into different steps, and we’ll walk you through everything from start to finish. Just follow along the instructions, and you’ll have a very professional looking website in the end. We will also point you in the right direction […]